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Who I am

I am a freelance and I develop app using Ninox.

Authorized Ninox

What is Ninox

Ninox is a no-code development platform that allows you to create and manage simple and complete applications in just a few minutes, through a user-friendly visual environment.


Ninox is multi-platform. For “single user” there is the app for both Android and Apple devices (iPad, Mac and iPhone where it is possible to synchronize data with iCloud). For “teams” the Cloud plan extends versatility to any platform. All you need is a browser.

Let’s start

Register your free trial at and take advantage of one of the templates that can help you build your project, be it a simple phone book or a complex database made up of dozens of linked tables containing thousands of records. It’s so easy!

And what about me?

Ninox’s approach is for everyone, even for no insiders. Sometimes, however, a bit of code is needed to customize the application, automate some processes or obtain filtered and more accurate results, like this:

let me := this;
let check := select Customers where Surname = me.Surname and ID != me.ID;
concat(check.(Surname + " " + Name))

And I can help you build your first product or just fine-tune it for you!

Let’s talk